Your child is invited to her best friends birthday the deep thinking begins on what to get her. Gift Cards have become the most popular gift to give these days. And although they are practical and the child can choose something she likes, its impersonal to give your very best friend...yikes....I said it. Believe me, I am too, a gift card giver. For adults its different, I would throughly enjoy a pedicure or something to pamper myself, but for children, they want to open something exciting, personal and just for them.

 Our besties fringe shirts are the perfect, personal gift to give her in addition to maybe that gift card or something else. These shirts come in several different styles and can be customized however you wish. We have some fringe shirts with the girls names, maybe you would like it to read " cousins make the best friends" or any other saying. Our fringe shirts are also great beach cover ups and are super stylish. They come in 4 colors, sizes 3-10/12 Girls.

We have many different fringe styles to choose from, stop by the shop for a large selection of girls clothing.